Achieve More by Doing Nothing – A Laziness Guide

"I can see the top of my to do list from here"

Protestants block your ears, you might want to ignore what follows.

I propose we all be a little lazier sometimes. Not all the time in a pizza-box hurling, beer-drinking, playstation tapping, dope-smoking teenage way. But having the gall to go to bed in the middle of the day and watch a movie or have a nap and NOT feel guilty about it.

We all need time to relax, yet if we feel guilty about not doing things then we never truly give ourselves the time to just be.

Chill out.

Do nothing for a couple of hours. Engage yourself in an activity that serves no purpose whatsoever.

Be unproductive.

Not only does it feel good, but it can help your productivity when you feel fresher the far side. Most importantly of all, don’t feel guilty about it. (Have I mentioned the guilt thing already).

I’ve taken to trying to have one day a month, perhaps more, when I don’t get out of my bedclothes (well, this is a slight lie as I sleep naked, but you get the drift). On the far side I always feel better for it.

They say that if you’re trying to learn something complex, practice lots and then sleep on it. When you awake you’ll be better than when you started.

Productivity can come from laziness. Ideas and creativity will come together when you least expect them.

I once told a friend of mine that I was sick and his answer was, ‘You lucky bastard’. Mainly because I got a chance to spend all day in bed watching movies.

Surely it doesn’t have to take sickness to take time off.

Personally, I love daytime long-distance flights because they give me a chance to sit still for 10 hours. Perhaps I should try to recreate that in the home.

I used to love smoking, because it gave me an excuse to go for a walk around the block late at night. Now I just walk around the block anyhow.

Sit yourself down. Make yourself a cuppa. Chill.


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