The Story of Stuff (part 2)

You’ll be relived to know that this is still the well-buttered/battered computer in action. In the last post, I didn’t even have to bang on about the environmental rationale behind keeping this old beast alive – it makes sense, even before I have to leap into the pulpit. But for those of you that like … Continue reading The Story of Stuff (part 2)

The Most Valuable ‘Self-Help’ Course Ever (Yet It’s Free) – Vipassana

Earlier this year I did a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat and wrote a blog post on Bright Green Talent, which I wanted to share again, because even 6 months on, it continues to have a powerful effect on the way I think: Vipassana one of those things that I was a little coy about … Continue reading The Most Valuable ‘Self-Help’ Course Ever (Yet It’s Free) – Vipassana

Why the financial crisis spells doom for the environmental

The front pages in the UK this week are a-spread with the news of record profits at Barclays Bank, with accompanying bonuses for top bankers. This echoes last week’s story at Goldman Sachs. Given the recent bailouts and government support, the Economist is right to note that ‘such largesse looks cheeky at best’! Although the … Continue reading Why the financial crisis spells doom for the environmental

Overlooking Wisdom, Overlooking Value

Here's a piece just written for Sublime Magazine about 'Holistic Economics' There's a deeper, darker recession that has been stealthily growing since long before the Lehmans and Madoffs of this world were consumed by their own greed. No doubt the financial crisis will affect many of us over the coming years. Its speed, coupled with … Continue reading Overlooking Wisdom, Overlooking Value

Chaorder, slow business and holistic economics

Over the last week or two, I've been quietly absorbing information - letting ideas slowly slot into place in my mind. Instead of forcing problems, I often find that leaving them to percolate produces wiser more thoughtful results (perhaps thoughtfulness is a misnomer). When I was learning juggling tricks as a wayward teenager, I remember … Continue reading Chaorder, slow business and holistic economics