Sounds Familiar – talk to see in London

The current economic crisis gives us all an opportunity to rethink our priorities. What really matters in life? The endless round of getting and spending, or less tangible things - spending time with friends and family, a walk in the countryside, admiring something beautiful? The National Trust 'Quality of Life' Debates, in conjunction with Intelligence², … Continue reading Sounds Familiar – talk to see in London

Radical Simplicity

An interesting article that uses Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" to explore the idea of 'radical simplicity'. In this case the move from complexifying be-bop, toward freer, simpler music - resulting in the most successful Jazz record ever.


Simpletom will explore and analyze the increased desire and need for simplicity in modern society. We’re continually tantalized by simplicity. Our banks, our supermarkets, our computers, our phones – each claim to offer us a simpler life. A life of one-stop-shops, single-clicks, free delivery, no-hassle purchases and ease-of-use… and yet our world seems increasingly complex. … Continue reading Why?