A few months ago I wrote this 'open letter'. The response was amazing and I'd like to see if I can make this event happen in September in San Francisco - so I wanted to repost this here and then I'll follow on with more details shortly. If you're interested in joining (or if you're not … Continue reading Sleepathon

Not Me

[Sorry, a little behind posting this...] It’s New Year’s Day and I have a splitting headache. It’s a year to the day that I split up with my girlfriend. That wasn’t a good day. I had a headache then too. Despite the similarities, a lot has changed this last year. Indulge me for a moment, … Continue reading Not Me


(or the art of Growing Down) Yesterday was my birthday. I was dressed as a ninja cow at a festival, squeezed into a west-country barn full of ‘Almost Farmous’ revellers. We were ‘The Moo Fighters’, naturally. Seconded only by ‘Daft Skunk’. The weekend consisted of dancing, laughing, drinking, firing water pistols at unsuspecting crowd members … Continue reading Adulescence

Trapped in Escapism

One of the wonders of the modern world is opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I’m continually excited by what is possible. Aided by lightning fast connectivity, jet engines, computing technology and a plethora of beautifully indexed information available at our fingertips… the world is our oyster, lobster and winkles too. In a single week, an indefatigable … Continue reading Trapped in Escapism