Changing Climate Change

Climate change is, without much doubt, the greatest current threat to life as we know it. You know that already, right?  So why are we both staring into a screen? Why am I still taking flights to my beloved Africa, running a travel business ( and ( and indulging in other activities that contribute? Surely we should … Continue reading Changing Climate Change


You don’t believe in what Facebook does, but you’re on the site because it’s occasionally useful - you’re complicit.  You sit on public transport with other people and witness someone abusing someone else without saying anything - you’re complict A friend says something homophobic, or misogynistic but you don’t challenge them because you don't want … Continue reading Complicit

Looking To The Future (Then Trying To Ignore It)

All good things must end. So with a month left on the clock here in Kenya, I am reminded that the ‘next stage’ of life looms. At the end of 2009 I took a break from the day-in day-out drive of running a business – partly because I was burnt out, and partly because the … Continue reading Looking To The Future (Then Trying To Ignore It)

A shameless, energy-efficient convenient plug

I've often said that the environmental movement needs convenient actions, not inconvenient truths. Said differently, many of us have a sincere 'will' to change our planet, but are not not sure of the most effective 'way' to do so. When you couple this with the environmental preachers out there, who are quick to chastise us … Continue reading A shameless, energy-efficient convenient plug

The story of more stuff (part 1)

The computer I’m tapping away on has seen better days. As a result of a couple of butter-fingered moments, it’s sporting some curves that the designer never intended. As a result of a couple of more literal butter-fingered moment, pointing to no-doubt fascinating points, the screen is more colourful than it should be. Plus it’s … Continue reading The story of more stuff (part 1)

The Energy Matrix – the cost of pollution

Here's a post I wrote for Sublime Magazine and Max Gladwell: Who would have predicted the world of science fiction films would prove so prophetic? Our planet is being over-run by machines and we need people like Arnold Schwarzenegger to save us. In the world of the film The Matrix, robots, machines and other perennially … Continue reading The Energy Matrix – the cost of pollution