As is my way, I try new things. Am adventurous and, perhaps predictable in following trends. Early Adopters R Us. Most new things become old. It’s rare that something makes a significant difference. An entrepreneur's optimism is to believe that something’s about to happen just around the corner. It rarely does, but occasionally you are … Continue reading Ayahuasca


Rebellion Extinction?

When Extinction Rebellion (XR) last hit the streets, I didn’t join in. Mainly because I was busy doing other things and partially because I didn’t believe that direct 'action' actually resulted in actions Between 2006 and 2014, a study showed that climate protests haven’t led to a single debate in British Parliament. Direct action mostly … Continue reading Rebellion Extinction?


Here's an article that appeared in the wonderful Waterlog magazine this summer and explains why I've not been writing so much recently... My hazy first memory is of trying to fish - a kaleidoscopic jumble retained by my three-year-old mind, reassembled 30 years later. It all started with the discovery of a worm in our garden. … Continue reading Recast