A Hard Day’s Night

We’ve gazed into the eyes of creatures on the bottom of the oceans, played with the dark side of the moon and as of the last few weeks, potentially managed to make something travel quicker than the speed of light. Clever beings are we. Yet I still find it somewhat strange… amusing even, that Michael … Continue reading A Hard Day’s Night

It’s out of the Diary

Spontaneity is dead. I’ve only been back from Kenya for a couple of weeks and already my diary is chock-a-block full for every evening and weekend for the next couple of months. How did this happen? I’m sure this isn’t part of the simplicity process? Certainly it is nice to feel so ‘wanted’ by others … Continue reading It’s out of the Diary


Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention? I said ATTENTION Google makes billions of dollars by grabbing tiny pieces of it from the periphery of your web experience. Other marketers make their living by capturing it through billboards, magazines, newspapers, the television and prevalent logos. I'm asking you for yours for a moment now, … Continue reading Attention!

Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll

If my 18-year-old self heard my current self’s internal monologue, he’d probably begin lobotimising in earnest. I’m cocooned within a mosquito net, having read another chapter of my book and am ready to sleep. That in itself is not the problem. Books have always been and will always be cool. The problem is it is … Continue reading Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll