Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention? I said ATTENTION Google makes billions of dollars by grabbing tiny pieces of it from the periphery of your web experience. Other marketers make their living by capturing it through billboards, magazines, newspapers, the television and prevalent logos. I'm asking you for yours for a moment now, … Continue reading Attention!

Tempus Fugitive

Time plays more of a part in my life than I thought it did. Perhaps, if I pause for a moment, plays more of a part than anything else. In time, I hope to get better at it, although that hope directly undermines the point of this blog, which is to reduce dreams and increase … Continue reading Tempus Fugitive

Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll

If my 18-year-old self heard my current self’s internal monologue, he’d probably begin lobotimising in earnest. I’m cocooned within a mosquito net, having read another chapter of my book and am ready to sleep. That in itself is not the problem. Books have always been and will always be cool. The problem is it is … Continue reading Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll

The VLD – How To Do Lazy Days Properly

This post is a tribute to Randall Sadleir, the grandfather of one of my greatest friends. ‘Randy’ was a master of acronym – a trait that was passed onto his son, who endearingly called Randy BOB, short for ‘Blind Old Bastard’. Or, when he had his cataracts removed, Ex-BOB. Randy lived in a basement flat, … Continue reading The VLD – How To Do Lazy Days Properly

Happy Christmas – Being Thankful & Having Time

"If you as an individual no longer found an identity from your thoughts, then you would break free of time and enter the sweetness and clarity of the timeless." -- Bernie Prior A Happy Christmas to you all. Oh, and a Happy Birthday to my Mum! Sadly, I’m not with my family this year. Instead, … Continue reading Happy Christmas – Being Thankful & Having Time