The 5 Whys of Entrepreneurship

What is an entrepreneur’s primary motivation? What should it be? Why become an entrepreneur? Why keep doing it?  Elon Musk, claims entrepreneurship is like, "eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.” Not exactly the way I’d choose to spend my weekdays.  So much of the prevailing narrative focuses on ‘how to get rich’ … Continue reading The 5 Whys of Entrepreneurship

More Portfolio Entrepreneurs

Portfolio entrepreneurship is, according to researchers, one of the most interesting types of entrepreneurship. Yet very few entrepreneurs realise it’s an option, and most are strongly encouraged not to entertain it.   In my last article I discussed why I think portfolio entrepreneurship should be more prevalent. Below I have included some of the theory behind … Continue reading More Portfolio Entrepreneurs

Portfolio Entrepreneurs

Type the phase 'Portfolio Entrepreneur' into Google.  You’ll find a number of academic articles suggesting it's a wonderful form of entrepreneurship - that results in greater success, less stress and better outcomes for both society and the entrepreneurs involved. It should be much encouraged, it seems.  Yet there are few mentions beyond academia. The prevailing … Continue reading Portfolio Entrepreneurs