Tw-Interview with @ecosphericblog

Interviews by twitter make for nice succinct questions and answers. Here’s one with Ecospheric, who kindly agreed to chat about simplicity. Find her on her blog, or on twitter

Q1 Who are you and what are you up to?
I am Beth Buczynski, a recent Colorado transplant. I love writing about the environment and hate answering my phone.

Q2 What keeps u awake at night?
Honestly, money keeps me up at night. Freelance writing is a starving woman’s gig!

Q3 What role do you think simplicity plays in the green/sustainability movement
Simplicity is a very important concept for ppl to grasp about sustainability- it’s not going w/o, it’s realizing u don’t need.

Q4 Do you make a deliberate attempt to keep your life simple?
Yes. It’s not always successful though. See answer to question 2. Though it’s cliche, reminding myself to see the amazing beauty in the little things that happen w/o me trying every day. like rain. or seeds sprouting.

Q5 if you could make something much simpler, what would it be?
I would make habitation simpler. It should be easier for people to create houses/homes for themselves. I should be able to dig up my entire yard or have chickens or catch my rain water w/o interference from the law or cranky neighbors.

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