The Story of Stuff (part 2)

You’ll be relived to know that this is still the well-buttered/battered computer in action. In the last post, I didn’t even have to bang on about the environmental rationale behind keeping this old beast alive – it makes sense, even before I have to leap into the pulpit.

But for those of you that like an entertaining preacher, check this video – The Story of Stuff – on consumption.

My last post dealt with computers and, perhaps, electronics. Another of the most ridiculous habits of modern man is the need to continually upgrade ones car.

A few weekends back, on a trip to the old blighty, I went camping with some friends in Suffolk. Our chariot was a 15-year old Citroen which looks as if it’s been utilized to develop a new system of vehicular braille. It was that or borrowing a rather swishy, spotless, leather-seated affair.

The beauty of this old beast was that it was less likely to be stolen than a two-week old baguette, could be driven through a farm without concern for muck or scratches, and enabled us to fill it with firewood, tents, groceries, samphire and muddy shoes without concern for the interior. All-in-all this car, which would probably retail at 1/30th of the price of the other option, enabled us to have greater pleasure, with less stress. My friend, the proud owner, has driven it for the last 5 years without ever having to get it repaired other than taking it in for its MOT.

I’m all for safety, especially if you’re driving your loved-ones about the place. It would also be sad to let a perfectly good piece of machinery go to waste through neglect – but superficial damage to your interior or exterior doesn’t need to be worried about by anyone but the superficial. Let’s start using things properly and fully rather than worrying about what others might think. As the wise Leo Babatua states, let’s Live a Better Life with Less.

Here’s the car and owner, the great CEO Toby Sawday of my second favourite company after Bright Green Talent, Sawdays, caught mid bikini change shortly before diving into the Alde and starting one of the greater mud battles of recent history. It was a fantastic weekend that required only 10 friends, a few tents, a bonfire and some burned sausages. If only all weekends could be that simply magical.


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