The Simple Move

This last weekend we moved into my new house in Watamu… From clean concrete floors and white-wall we’re now camping out on concrete, dusty floors, with no electricity or running water (aside from the rain that is currently showing us, rather neatly, all the places where the roof hasn’t been properly finished).

Here’s a photo of me last night with my electrician applying for our power permit by lantern-light.

Applying for new power with old power

By all accounts, it’s been a stark change. From a house with a pool and clean white surfaces to showering with a bucket and tin can and going to bed just after the sun.


It’s been absolutely blissful. It’s a reminder that both living in a nice house AND living on a building site has different moments of wonder. Neither means that simplicity can’t be incorporated.

For all the discomforts of camping out there are also the wonders, such as – spending time chatting or playing the guitar because there’s no power and swimming in the ocean at dawn and at dusk.

This morning our pigs escaped again (hence why they’re named hogdinis) and joined us for breakfast.

Each morning I awake to the sounds of birds in the trees next to my little perch, goats bleating, morning crows from a randy cockrel and the sounds of the village coming to life.

No power also means limited time to use the computer, so please forgive the short post.

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