Making a Meal of Life

Imagine you are a gourmet chef, preparing the meal of your lifetime. With one caveat – you only have your local supermarket to shop in.

How carefully would you select each and every spinach leaf? How long would you spend at the butchery counter, trying to find that perfect cut of beef? Think of the attention and focus you would use to ensure you got the finest ingredients that store had to offer.

You ARE making a meal of your lifetime.

With every moment that passes, you select the things to include in the basket that catch your attention and leave the rest – whether that be the job you select, the magazines or books you read and the people you choose to spend time with.

Besides, the reason for the local supermarket analogy is that most of us aren’t browsing in the organic delis of our lives. There you can find many rotten tomatoes, tasteless but juicy-looking morsels, items filled with hidden additives, things that have been coloured and packaged to assault your otherwise attuned senses.

Every time you sit down to watch a crap TV show, or drag yourself to meet someone you don’t like, or work another day doing something you don’t believe in, you cannot go back to get a refund for that time.

Besides, your basket is small – you can’t do it all later. I don’t particularly like the expression ‘Life is too short’. For some, life is too long.

I believe that life offers enough time for all of us, if we choose to focus our energy and our time wisely. I don’t mean you have to fill each day to overbrimming with events and pastimes, in fact if you select just a few good-quality things I believe it is even more nourishing.

I wrote about attention last week. I’m doing it again, because I believe that attention on attention is vital. Simply by choosing the things you attend to, you can change more about your lifestyle than almost any other way. In addition, by really listening to yourself and being attentive to the subtle intricacies of decision making, you can begin to make positive changes.

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