If I get yet another e-mail that smugly notifies me that the e-mail received was ‘sent from my iPad’ or ‘iPhone’, I will set up an auto-filter that highlights these e-mails to warn me that they were sent by someone with little time (or at least someone that is SO busy that they have to check e-mails on the move).

This might help me determine which e-mails have been sent thoughtfully and with love, rather than absentmindedly and on the hoof.

Or perhaps an auto-reply with something equally smug in return, like ‘sent from my iGod’… so important have these mobile devices become.

iPhones and iPads and instant messaging and Facebook updates and Twitter and Internet on effing planes – the onslaught is evil.

Yes that includes these rambles. Don’t bother reading this blog, go and have a cup of tea or a pint of beer with a friend if you can.

We’re all so busy keeping ourselves busy that we have no time.

Today I’m off to Berlin for a while…

I’ve had enough.


2 thoughts on “iQuit

  1. oh tom… enjoy berlin. I am sending you this email from bed! So definitely not on the hoof. take care x x x

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