Simplicity Vs Corporate

I don’t necessarily let my clients know about this blog.

That leads me to wonder whether there is a fundamental disconnect – a tipple of schizophrenia in my life that I need to address.

If you need to ‘fake it to make it’, does that make you essentially a fraud?

Clearly, this website is in the public domain, as is my company. The more curious clients won’t struggle to find me here. I hope they like what they see. However, my sense is that many people I work with might not understand my simplicity quest.

The fact is that at this early stage of the business, I’d rather not scare anyone away by ‘coming on too strong’. If I’m professional and provide an excellent service, does it help my clients if they know that I am vagabonding and trying to maintain a work-life balance? If you’re talking to CEOs and heads of department, is it OK for them to know that you might be in your boxer shorts at the other end of the phone, living in a foreign city?

Simplicity might suggest to some that I’m not serious about what I do, or that because of my life choices and desire for fewer technological interruptions, that I’ll be less contactable.

Those who’ve followed this journey will know that simplicity should improve one’s professional life. That simplicity is about working better, more authentically and more intelligently.

I’d like to fuse these two streams and be able to demonstrate that taking time off work, being clear-headed, disconnecting and general simplifying all contribute to improving one’s working life and benefits those clients I work with.

Perhaps as things mature and I feel confident about a regular client base, I can be bolder. There’s something to be said for holding things back rather than upsetting people with your views, but there’s also something to be said for going balls out and expressing yourself overtly. Maybe clients would be more attracted to that honesty than the corporate veil that descends into boardrooms and cubicles worldwide that strips us of our personality. Perhaps I would win many more clients by being Simpletom than by being corporatetom.

As I look out at people here in Berlin (this post was written while I was there), I’m continually impressed by the fundamental honesty in their expression, their views and their unwillingness to toe-the-line.

For now, I’ll enjoy my clandestine Simpletoming and work on ways to begin the fuse the two…

My office window when I worked in Madagascar

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