Simpletom – 100th Birthday

This my 100th Simpletomian post. A century.

I’ll be checking the post when I get home to see if the Queen remembered.

A little high-five, if you will.

Maybe I’ll have a simple cup of tea to celebrate. Maybe even a hobnob. Alternatively, a nap when I get home, although it’s only the middle of the day.

Forget all of that – maybe we could go out in a limo, drink some fizz, do some lines and get some hookers?


I was thinking I might do a mega 100 reasons that I’m still writing posts. I’ve defied my usual poor record of starting things that I can’t finish. Damn you Esperanto.

Instead, a simple reflection will suffice.

I cannot remember exactly why I started. No Damascene moment occurred. Just a gentle continuing nagging sense that simplicity, rather than complexity, is a truer path to happiness. Moreover, that happiness, which I believe is our fundamental aim, gets lost in the noise and distraction of our modern world.

Just writing as often as I can (not as often as I want, or should) has helped. It is a form of therapy, a reminder to focus, an excuse to think though ideas and to crystallize thought.

I don’t think I’ve changed much since I started writing. A reminder of how far there is to go, and how hard it is to change.

Yet there have been moments. Glimmers of truth that have gleamed through the fog of day-to-day life and helped me establish some kind of direction – or perhaps more than direction – place.

This is extremely appropriate, because as I write this with furrowed brow (on my simple-phone) I’ve just gone the wrong way along the Northern line on the tube and had to turn back.

Now back on track, I’d like to thank those kind people who’ve read, encouraged and commented. It means a huge amount to me.

I’d like to use this milestone as a reminder – a small reminder – that:

100 posts later, and I still have a long way to go.

100 posts later, and I’m not bored…in fact I’m as excited by this journey as ever.

100 posts later, and I’ve just scratched the surface.

I want to use this moment as a small reminder to up the game a bit and try harder. To say it how it is. To be fearless and more focused in my pursuit. To try to go slightly deeper. To take more moments to think. Also not to think but to just feel. Then explain myself honestly. Without the filter, we often use to sugarcoat, or impress.

Since I started this blog, I’ve lost a business and begun to build another. I’ve lived in four countries and built a house. I’ve made new friends, loved old ones slightly more. I’ve had some fun, happy flings. I’ve finally got over an old love forever on my mind for way, way too long (Complextom?) and now feel ready to love again (please send a photo with a SAE). I got within a hair’s breadth of getting a book deal, and then lost it. I’ve made mistakes, been stupid and fucked up. Like normal.

I’m just another little person wiggling about – now a mere one in seven billion.

As the world scales up, I’m trying to scale down. To listen to instinct, to common sense and to remember what’s most important.

It’s not you or I that are important.  Although we mostly forget. It’s not even saving the planet, or stopping suffering.

It’s simply enjoying being, and being simple.

Thanks for reading. Now send this to 100 friends.

Alternatively, just have a cup of tea and hobnob it up, or a little midafternoon nap, as I did when I finally got home.

A sunset swim in Watamu, Kenya - a nightly ritual - and one of the best periods of time spent since Simpletom began

3 thoughts on “Simpletom – 100th Birthday

  1. Tom, wow! what an amazing blog! your 100th post was the first ive read, made me feel really happy and really stupid at the same time. never wanted to keep it simple, but why the hell not give it a try ?! hugs from berlin

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