Just You

Just my friend Ollie

I read a good post from Zenhabits this morning, which nicely juxtaposes my last.

If there were one habit or skill that he would focus on, it would be learning to be happy with himself.

It rang true. Is there anything as important as learning to love who you ARE? Not what you might, could, should, would be – not if you were ‘one of these things first’. But now, in this moment learning to be you, honestly and openly and without fear of reprisal, or self-doubt.

Just you.

If there were no outside influences – if you were left to be you in a vacuum, what would you be like?

(this is the first of my ‘shorter post series’ – in an attempt to blog more often whilst busy and when summer shines to get away from the computer and, of course, to simplify).

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