How Many People Could You Call At 3am? On Richness

I read this article today, where Jeff Haden explains some of the reasons why you aren’t happy.

Before we start, tweet the author and tell him his article made you a little happier if you like it. That would be nice, regardless of whether you agree with what I write below @jeff_haden

The article made me think about wealth and what constitutes a ‘rich’ and happy life.

Here is my slammed together list of things that I think (as long as they’re not done to manic extreme or chased) would in greater quantity, make my life richer and happier – in no particular order:

–       Real, authentic human connection

–       Good books read

–       Moments of awareness

–       Music listened to (truly listened). I think music transcends language when it comes to communicating the human condition

–       The number of friends and family I can call in an emergency at 3am

[From the article, ‘How many people can you tell almost anything and you know they won’t laugh? How many people can you feel comfortable sitting with for a long time without either of you speaking?]

–       Amount you’ve loved people, both platonic or otherwise

–       Sleep. Controversial, but I don’t believe that you get all the sleep you need when you’re dead, or that life is too short

–       Exposure to nature

–       Creativity

–       Nights under the stars

–       Laughter

–       Failure. This will surprise some, but I think the more times you fail, the more times you’ve put yourself out there and therefore the richer one’s life. As long as it’s not a calamity (failure to jump a ravine) and I don’t let failure corrode my sense of self, pushing myself to fail normally means that I’m doing the things I want and love to do. Failure is just the last point of a process, not the entire journey. We all fail to live, eventually.

Notice the things that I’ve omitted:

Money. Success. ‘Experiences’. Good Food. Alcohol. Bars, Clubs and Nights Out. Clothes. Sexual partners. Travel. Work.

Obviously, if these things that I’ve omitted help increase those that I’ve included (money can help with a number of those), then they can help. Travel, for example, enables exposure to nature, cultures, human connection… but travel for travels sake, or where there is little human connection is less appealing.

If I can focus on doing more of these above, my sense is I’ll ‘get rich quick’.

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