Much of how we view things comes from perspective. Ants are just small. Elephants are just big. The sun is over there. 

Yet our perspective represents a tiny sliver of they way things can be viewed. An elephant in the known universe is always miniscule. Sub-atomically, an ant represents mind-bogglingly large tracts of space.

If we could magnify a hydrogen atom so that its nucleus (a proton) were the size of a basketball, then its single electron would be found about 2 miles away.

There’s endless tracts of space above us, but also within us. 

It’s very easy to think that the way you see things are the way they are, but change your perspective just slightly and they are very different. 

It’s humbling to remember that all of humankind’s ecstasy and agony, as well as everything between has existed not only in this narrow sliver of physical space, but also in a tiny fraction the history of time too. If the history of planet earth was equivalent 24 hours, then the whole of humankind – Genghis Khan, Boudicia the Buddha and Trump included, have existed within the last 1min and 15 seconds.

Spend some time relocating yourself in time and space and it’s hard to feel too self-important. 

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