Simply Solitude

Like many a seeker I found, lost, found and ultimately lost myself in Dharmasala. I remember thinking that if I was to get a tattoo at that time, as a 19 year-old is want to, it would have been of a traveller with a cane over his shoulder, with all his worldy possessions tied into … Continue reading Simply Solitude

Starting to Finish

One of the tricks of meditation is to gently bring one's mind back from the various thoughts that seem to spring eternal, as if from some internal thought fountain, each time they wander. The goal (if tricks and goals can be applied to meditation) is attentiveness. To be fully conscious of the moment - without letting … Continue reading Starting to Finish

Looking To The Future (Then Trying To Ignore It)

All good things must end. So with a month left on the clock here in Kenya, I am reminded that the ‘next stage’ of life looms. At the end of 2009 I took a break from the day-in day-out drive of running a business – partly because I was burnt out, and partly because the … Continue reading Looking To The Future (Then Trying To Ignore It)

Moguls, Success, Money and the Elephant Man

For years I wanted to be a business mogul. You know the type – a Thomas Crown mixed with a Richard Branson – overladen with opportunity, events, praise and, of course, generous dollops of money. I wanted my rich double-cream chocolate gateaux with cherries, and boy, was I going to eat it. I tried, at … Continue reading Moguls, Success, Money and the Elephant Man