Harder, Faster, Dumber

A friend just asked me if I wanted to do an ironman or an ultra marathon with him. Erm. No thanks. I remember doing just the ‘normal’ (i.e. little) marathon a few years back. It was hard and not much fun and I don’t think my knees have ever been the same since. Yet, I’ve … Continue reading Harder, Faster, Dumber



Congratulations, you’re very ordinary. As I sit and write this, I overlook a tropical lagoon, mangroves and a few fishermen warming in the morning sun. A few energetic swifts wheel in a faint haze – evidence that despite the dry red earth and cloudless skies, the baked earth breathes life each day. I am perched … Continue reading Intra-ordinary

How Many People Could You Call At 3am? On Richness

I read this article today, where Jeff Haden explains some of the reasons why you aren’t happy. Before we start, tweet the author and tell him his article made you a little happier if you like it. That would be nice, regardless of whether you agree with what I write below @jeff_haden The article made me … Continue reading How Many People Could You Call At 3am? On Richness

Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’

Are Simplicity and Starting a Startup Compatible? The answer... honestly - No, not really. This is a really beautiful opinion piece in the NYT about those people who say they're 'busy' whenever you speak to them. I heard that the founder of Green & Blacks chocolate, I forget his name, hired such brilliant people around … Continue reading Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’