Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’

Are Simplicity and Starting a Startup Compatible? The answer... honestly - No, not really. This is a really beautiful opinion piece in the NYT about those people who say they're 'busy' whenever you speak to them. I heard that the founder of Green & Blacks chocolate, I forget his name, hired such brilliant people around … Continue reading Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’

The New Scheme – 3Desk

I've been working on a new business for a while now - it's just birthing as I write this (www.3desk.com). Here's the first blog post, which explains why and hopefully ties back to simplicity: --- It's rather strange that in the interconnected, multicultural, permeable world in which we live, most companies have permanent employees and … Continue reading The New Scheme – 3Desk