Simply Loosing It

Simpletom…?!? Are you still there? Is that you? Oh dear. This last couple of weeks, it’s just been Tom. Perhaps Stressedtom, Anxioustom or even Corporatetom…but frankly there needs to be some serious ember blowing on the coals of calm to be allowed to write here as Simpletom. In addition, it’s entirely of my own doing. … Continue reading Simply Loosing It

Simplicity In 10 Simplish Steps

If I followed all my advice, I would be disgustingly overearnest. If I never got drunk, the hazy moments skinny-dipping, or sliding in mud at festivals, or midnight boat trips or all the rest of the wonderful semi-memories I have, might never have happened. If I’d been wholly dedicated to one career, or my businesses … Continue reading Simplicity In 10 Simplish Steps

Inside Simplicity

"Our lives are frittered away by detail; simplify, simplify." — Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) First published in 1854, Henry David Thoreau’s work Walden is considered an American classic. It is an autobiographical diary, of sorts, that details Thoreau’s time living in a cabin in the woods near Walden Pond, in Massachusetts. Thoreau lives in the … Continue reading Inside Simplicity

Simplicity – Honest Good Intention or Sheer Naivety?

I try to imbue this blog with good intention. My hope is that the result doesn’t come across as too naïve, blithe or insincere. I am trying to explore simplicity honestly. I’m not testing the concept with the ferocity of some who seeks an immediate truth. I haven’t necessarily pushed the extremes, I've merely tickled … Continue reading Simplicity – Honest Good Intention or Sheer Naivety?