The Energy Matrix – the cost of pollution

Here's a post I wrote for Sublime Magazine and Max Gladwell: Who would have predicted the world of science fiction films would prove so prophetic? Our planet is being over-run by machines and we need people like Arnold Schwarzenegger to save us. In the world of the film The Matrix, robots, machines and other perennially … Continue reading The Energy Matrix – the cost of pollution


Why the financial crisis spells doom for the environmental

The front pages in the UK this week are a-spread with the news of record profits at Barclays Bank, with accompanying bonuses for top bankers. This echoes last week’s story at Goldman Sachs. Given the recent bailouts and government support, the Economist is right to note that ‘such largesse looks cheeky at best’! Although the … Continue reading Why the financial crisis spells doom for the environmental

Overlooking Wisdom, Overlooking Value

Here's a piece just written for Sublime Magazine about 'Holistic Economics' There's a deeper, darker recession that has been stealthily growing since long before the Lehmans and Madoffs of this world were consumed by their own greed. No doubt the financial crisis will affect many of us over the coming years. Its speed, coupled with … Continue reading Overlooking Wisdom, Overlooking Value

Inconvenient truths, convenient actions

My latest simplicity thoughts, picked up by Greenbiz and Greenopolis, here: If we want a billion people to act, we have to make a billion people want to act. The inconvenient truths are increasingly recognized, now we need convenient actions. We're constantly reminded that many of our planet's environmental problems stem from our relentless desire … Continue reading Inconvenient truths, convenient actions