Inconvenient truths, convenient actions

My latest simplicity thoughts, picked up by Greenbiz and Greenopolis, here: If we want a billion people to act, we have to make a billion people want to act. The inconvenient truths are increasingly recognized, now we need convenient actions. We're constantly reminded that many of our planet's environmental problems stem from our relentless desire … Continue reading Inconvenient truths, convenient actions

The wrong kind of simplicity

If you describe someone as Epicurean, you’ll find that the most widely understood meaning is of a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink). Synonyms include - hedonistic, sensualist, pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent, sybaritic, decadent, unrestrained, extravagant, intemperate, immoderate, gluttonous, gourmandizing. Epicurus was an ancient Greek philosopher (341-270BC) who based his teaching on … Continue reading The wrong kind of simplicity


Simpletom will explore and analyze the increased desire and need for simplicity in modern society. We’re continually tantalized by simplicity. Our banks, our supermarkets, our computers, our phones – each claim to offer us a simpler life. A life of one-stop-shops, single-clicks, free delivery, no-hassle purchases and ease-of-use… and yet our world seems increasingly complex. … Continue reading Why?