Simplicity is simple

'There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.' ~ Mahatma Gandhi, "Non-Violence in Peace and War" Here's a beautiful piece by mnmlist. Please excuse me for repeating, but some things are best left as they are... Simplicity, many people think, is an end in itself But they're getting it backwards Simplicity is the … Continue reading Simplicity is simple

Enough Already – Bill Bryson

I'm away on holiday... you wouldn't know because in a world of techno-automation, you can pretend to be at your desk, even when you're underwater. Today is my 30th Birthday, and I am in Spain with a gaggle of friends. Happy Birthday to me. Here is a wonderful article about there being too much stuff … Continue reading Enough Already – Bill Bryson

Presentation about simplicity This is a nice presentation about simplicity, worth a squizz. However, there are a few key points that the author misses: The difference between simplification and simplicity. One is an attempt to take a DVD player control and make it easier to use. The other is a desire to design life in a way … Continue reading Presentation about simplicity

Ancient Futures

I’ve just finished Ancient Futures, by Helena Norberg-Hodge, a truly magical snapshot of a culture that has, until recently, lived in almost perfect symbiosis with its surroundings. It is a true manifesto for simple living, demonstrating how simplicity can and has brought about happiness in communities. It describes the balance needed to afford contentment and … Continue reading Ancient Futures