Simpletom will explore and analyze the increased desire and need for simplicity in modern society.

We’re continually tantalized by simplicity. Our banks, our supermarkets, our computers, our phones – each claim to offer us a simpler life. A life of one-stop-shops, single-clicks, free delivery, no-hassle purchases and ease-of-use… and yet our world seems increasingly complex.

Mankind’s relentless striving for progress means that we as a species understand more of our world than ever before. We have more information at our fingertips than we did this time last year. With the rise of printed material, information spread like wildfire. With the advent of computing and the Internet, it has exploded. Yet as society advances, our individual ability to keep up diminishes – it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to dig a hole in a Saharan sandstorm, just to keep up.

The solution is one man has struggled with since society began: Simplicity. Given the complexity of modern life, it comes as a surprise to remind ourselves that much of mankind’s efforts have been an attempt to simplify our world. For example, getting from A to B (cue the automobile, the airplane), or communicating (the telephone or the computer), or staying warm (the house and electricity). Yet we often seem to be making things more difficult, rather than easier.

This blog will demonstrate why simplicity is so important, and how you can bring simplicity into your daily life in order to create greater meaning, greater peace and greater happiness.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

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