How Many People Could You Call At 3am? On Richness

I read this article today, where Jeff Haden explains some of the reasons why you aren’t happy. Before we start, tweet the author and tell him his article made you a little happier if you like it. That would be nice, regardless of whether you agree with what I write below @jeff_haden The article made me … Continue reading How Many People Could You Call At 3am? On Richness

Just You

I read a good post from Zenhabits this morning, which nicely juxtaposes my last. If there were one habit or skill that he would focus on, it would be learning to be happy with himself. It rang true. Is there anything as important as learning to love who you ARE? Not what you might, could, … Continue reading Just You

Underdeveloped Development – Simple Mistakes

For over a century the 'mazungu' (or white person) in Africa has been losing his temper with the inefficiency of the African. Even today, I’ve witnessed continual annoyance as things go wrong, or directions aren’t followed, or patience is tested. All too regularly, frustrations are voiced aggressively. On a micro level, this constitutes management – … Continue reading Underdeveloped Development – Simple Mistakes

Clean Up Your Relationships – Inter-Personal Hygiene

No, I’m afraid this post is not about armpit whiffs and sheets-to-sniff – instead I’ve recently been introduced, by my good friend Tara of Wildfitness fame (and a Watamu neighbour), to a process that helps with some therapeutic friend-realignment. You see, we often roam around with people we love. But how often do we tell … Continue reading Clean Up Your Relationships – Inter-Personal Hygiene

Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll

If my 18-year-old self heard my current self’s internal monologue, he’d probably begin lobotimising in earnest. I’m cocooned within a mosquito net, having read another chapter of my book and am ready to sleep. That in itself is not the problem. Books have always been and will always be cool. The problem is it is … Continue reading Going To Bed Early – The New Rock and Roll