Just You

I read a good post from Zenhabits this morning, which nicely juxtaposes my last. If there were one habit or skill that he would focus on, it would be learning to be happy with himself. It rang true. Is there anything as important as learning to love who you ARE? Not what you might, could, … Continue reading Just You

One of These Things First

One of my favorite songs is by the great Nick Drake, called One of These Things First. It’s a wonderful tune about 'could haves' - Nick's fragile, angelic voice tells us that he could have been many things. The full lyrics are posted below. Hear the song on YouTube Nick could well have been many … Continue reading One of These Things First

Remembering Simplicity

Now and then, I find it necessary to corral my fundamental simplicity messages – to refocus and try to remember what they are. Simplicity, cheeky sod that it is, isn’t always simple. Like happiness, there are effortless moments. However, to fundamentally influence both simplicity and happiness, it requires reminding oneself and continually working at it. Sure, … Continue reading Remembering Simplicity

Simply Loosing It

Simpletom…?!? Are you still there? Is that you? Oh dear. This last couple of weeks, it’s just been Tom. Perhaps Stressedtom, Anxioustom or even Corporatetom…but frankly there needs to be some serious ember blowing on the coals of calm to be allowed to write here as Simpletom. In addition, it’s entirely of my own doing. … Continue reading Simply Loosing It