Why Standing Still is Better Than Movement

We are who we are. No matter how hard we try, we’re unlikely a Damascene moment will transform us into the person we’d always hoped we’d be. You might if you try over a number of years, change a bit. But it’s unlikely. Plus, we forget that we can get worse as well as better. Years … Continue reading Why Standing Still is Better Than Movement


Congratulations, you’re very ordinary. As I sit and write this, I overlook a tropical lagoon, mangroves and a few fishermen warming in the morning sun. A few energetic swifts wheel in a faint haze – evidence that despite the dry red earth and cloudless skies, the baked earth breathes life each day. I am perched … Continue reading Intra-ordinary

Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’

Are Simplicity and Starting a Startup Compatible? The answer... honestly - No, not really. This is a really beautiful opinion piece in the NYT about those people who say they're 'busy' whenever you speak to them. I heard that the founder of Green & Blacks chocolate, I forget his name, hired such brilliant people around … Continue reading Let Go – Simply Letting Things Happen and ‘Down Time’

Remembering Simplicity

Now and then, I find it necessary to corral my fundamental simplicity messages – to refocus and try to remember what they are. Simplicity, cheeky sod that it is, isn’t always simple. Like happiness, there are effortless moments. However, to fundamentally influence both simplicity and happiness, it requires reminding oneself and continually working at it. Sure, … Continue reading Remembering Simplicity